Egypt, Artist of the Sand

The astonishing pyramids, with its extraordinary size, perfect symmetry and amazingly last for about thousand years. A mystery, on how the ancient empire could build such work of architecture and so, why?

The Egypt, known for its rich civilization and culture; ruled by a highly respected Pharaoh, and a faithful believer of the stars. Who doesn’t aware of their astounding writings, the hieroglyphs. Carved at stones and painted on walls, likely a series of comical scenes and figures of their character and known to be gods.

But what lies behind their solar religion? The answers are the sacred pyramids of Giza. Astronomy plays an important role to their rigid tradition, the stars and constellations are then in perfect alignment with the pyramids and temples that the Egyptian empire was actually driven by their faith.

The known Orion Mystery, where the Giza pyramids were aligned perfectly at the time of 10,000 BC with the constellation’s belt, the Mintaka, the Alnilam and Zeta. And so those deceased kings are facing towards the Orion.

Sirius, another precious star for the empire, the star that gives warning. The bright thing in the night skies that would fall and cannot be seen for 70 days, days of the raging flood of Nile. And so the priests could predict rising waters of the river, with the disappearance of Sirius.

With this terrestrial set up, does Egypt intent to do a replica of heaven? Reproducing the locations and arrangement of the stars, do they see themselves as gods? Or they are just wanderers of the skies?

But the scene behind their religion still shreds on mystery, how could they know the exact location of the Orion Belt and built the pyramids knowing that its location changes? Are they aware of the location tracker technology? Do they know GPS?

But when reality speaks, past is for the past; their rich culture and tradition will rest forever inside the pyramids, reside behind the hieroglyphs and will be buried under the witnessing sand.

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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