Shaping the Nazca Lines

Lying in the desert of Nazca in Peru are the mysterious and amazing ancient geoglyphs. There are hundreds of figures, ranging from simple lines to complex ones. Shapes of animals, flowers and people would probably amaze your eyes and wander of its existence. Who created it? What do the figures mean? How they could make it? And why?

Nazca culture is well-known for its ceramics attribution for having a big number of funerary potteries. Their hands are so magical and their nature are so much of creativity. Is this enough to say, that they are the artists of the famous Nazca lines?

Large engravings visible from the sky, humming birds, spiders, monkeys, astronauts, spiral shapes and a hundred more. Have an idea of how large? Well, the largest one is over 660 ft! Converting to 200 meters and a huge one.

But what these figures means are still in mystery and what it serves. These carvings on the earth were made by removing rocks about 15 inches and in a particular pattern to create the wanted image.   And for about thousand years it was preserved, having no rain and wind at all. But still, these geoglyphs are for what? Maybe its location could be the answer, yet a number of theories are proposed.

 A desert – a land form with a high degree of temperature, rain does not visit and winds are not that cool. Nazca people are in begging for water, for crops. Are the lines were magical code, a message, or a prayer to heaven? Perhaps, and some figures were particular spot for a particular ritual. Yes, it could be.

Lines, are marks for a purpose. Maybe a tracking system to lead them into the right place they ought to be. Are these lines is GPS? Intent to guide them, to held a ritual for water. Or these lines are the ritual symbols as well.

What do monkey, spider and humming bird mean – as the famous and most visible carvings? Are they associated with astronomy too? Pointing to a particular space object, a planet, a constellation and could be where the sun rises and sets?

Where are now the Nazca people? Could the lines tell?

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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