Measuring Mayan’s Accuracy

Long count calendar systems, planetary conjunctions, solid course of astronomy, concrete application of mathematics and esoteric cycle concept of life and death. These are what this civilization has. This is how powerful they are. The Mayan.

One of the prominent and controversial predictions of the Mayan Long Count Calendar Cycle is the “end of the world” dated: December 21, 2012. Though nothing happen, there must be significant on that date, as per the civilizations’ credibility.

There are known about 17 Mayan calendars, where each corresponds to a particular event or cycle. The Long Count then predicted the rare galactic alignment only happens every 25,800 years, involving the earth at winter solstice, the sun and the galactic equator.

The end of the particular calendar is either represents the actual celestial event or its effects. Believed by the Mayan as the end of the current age, and shifts to an age where humans will attain the highest level of knowledge.

Yet on how accurate they could predict the passage of the Sun, Venus, stars and other celestial bodies on particular latitude, conjunction of planets with particular constellation, and world transitions are astonishing. On that matter, are they really just patient astronomers and sky watchers or are they using an advanced technology opposing to the Stone Age?

How could Mayan track the positioning of the Earth within the universe? Just like a modern GPS technology tracking a car somewhere here in globe. Are observations and mathematics are good enough to acquaint with positioning and accurate celestial events?

These may be then imprinted to the ruins of the great civilization and the modern minds couldn’t just fully decode their works. But why is their tradition and knowledge reached a dead end and no one in the present could continue their great account to once again predict the future?

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