What Time Is It?

So much for a lonely heart, as they say only time can heal. Then you should wait for it. As a dimension of life, how significant the time is would be would never be a question because as it is, it will be forever significant. Time is everything.

The 24-hour time lapse would be so ordinary for anyone, but a moment would be so special. What’s the difference after all? “You can waste a year, but you cannot waste a chance.” I see. There are two aspects of time, one is the element of movement and one is a factor of a progress.

But what’s the point? Time is time, no matter what we say. It’s about everything. Live in your present, but how come? If you’re past knocks and your future is yet to come. What should be considered? Learn from your past – cherish the present, and prepare for the future? I don’t get it. Perhaps, yesh—just go with the flow. Why not? It would be proper.

Maybe the question is; how time affects your life? And oh, real-time in your GPS is really a big deal. Know where you are and where is what you’re looking after for the exact time. But time is really a BIG thing.  Time is gold, but you cannot buy it. Oh, actually you can, what about a rental in a hotel or in a computer shop. You pay for the time you consume, right?

Well, I cannot fight for a fact that time is… oh never mind.  Just wait for it, treasure it, remember it, make for it, run after it, and simply just give it. But I can’t really answer that question, what is time? Or shall I ask instead, what time is it? As there will always be a time to smile, a time to cry, a time to talk, a time to be alone, a time to be born, a time to die, a time to eat, a time to be full, a time to hate, a time to love, a time to dream, a time to come true and just a time for everything. Simply, that’s it and nothing more.

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2 thoughts on “What Time Is It?

  1. Interesting thoughts. Time is tricky and its meaning depends on what we’re looking for. Time passes steadily and it’s up to each of us to decide if we are going to relive the past, dream of the future, or open our eyes to what ‘now’ has in store.

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