Technology from the Rising Sun

Japan is the most technologically advanced country in terms of gadgets in the age of modern era, and robots were one of the greatest inventions from the known Land of The Rising Sun.

Behind the rich, mystical and artistic culture of the land is a mysterious phenomenon lying in their history dating 1800s. It is the story of the Utsuro Bune, and the young beautiful lady with pale face and red hair, guarding a mysterious wooden box; holding so close to her.

Speaking a not familiar language and only has either a smiling face or a blank one. Coming out from a strange ship believe to rise from the Dragon’s Triangle, known to be a danger zone at southern coast of Japan. In this place, a huge number of boats believe to sink and remained out of sight.

Compass malfunctions and GPS gone wrong, and there you will disappear without even a trace. This is how the Dragon’s Triangle works on its disaster where planes and ships are likely to fail its engine, because of unexplained reason and will be eaten soon by darkness.

But could you believe that beneath the angry waters are structures. A man-made structure believed to build about 14,000 years ago. But how and why? This Yonaguni monument and the actual Dragon’s triangle are coincidentally parallel to the Bermuda Triangle of the West, lying in 25° north of the Equator. And both display a terrifying geomagnetic pull and GPS couldn’t tell where you are.

Looking at the brighter side, Japan possesses the knowledge of highly advanced and core quality technology. From electronic appliances, means of transportation and even to ordinary stuffs yet, the one and only producer of great and world-class animation; the Anime.

Reviewing most of the Anime and Manga (graphic novels), it is always associated with Science Fiction, Advanced Science, Alchemy, Astronomy, Mechanical and more. Evidence that Japan is really anchored with a high level of technology. But how?

Are they just really curious people and good at experimenting? Or they inherited the ancient knowledge and is it possible that the advanced technology that Japan has, is what’s inside the wooden box that the alien woman carries?

 Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved. 



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