Philippines, The Balangay Riders

Be in a place where everyone smiles and laughs. Be touched with cool waves and cold breeze at a world-class beach resort. Witness fabulous and extravagant festivals, and eat with your bare hands. Traditions that are well-preserved and the incredible works of nature, from a perfect cone mountain, rich coral reefs, perfect powdered sand and the outstanding morena skinned ladies. Dwell in a place of love and warm hospitality; embrace the unique beauty of the Philippines.

The Balangay, the first wooden boat to sail on the ancient waters of the South East Asia.  Approximately 3 meters wide and 18 meters long, big enough to load cargo for international trades. Thus, a symbol of the mighty seafarers and a mark how creative and fit for survival the early Filipino was. Skilled enough to steer by the sun, locate the stars, follow the wind, read the clouds, depend on wave patterns and site the migration of the birds. And yes, that’s how the Balangay Riders venture the lively seas.

Ancient mariners could navigate only with what the nature tell them, for we all know that sun rise at the east and sets on the west, they would also rely with the position of particular stars. Cloud formations could help too to advise them for weather conditions and a lot more from the signs of nature that works like what we now know, the Global Positioning System or GPS. Filipinos have a strong intuition too! So they could also travel the seas with the use of instinct.

The Badjao, one of the indigenous ethnic groups from the island of Sulu; known to have dark skin. They are naturally having a primitive and practical way of living. Seas are their source of livelihood, where they go fishing and have it for trades. And that’s made them as one of the best sea farers across the archipelago as they preserved the ancient methods of navigation.

As surrounded by water, half of the life of the Filipinos might actually depend on marine resources and travelling on waves will be their signature practice. And with the Balangay, the future of the Philippines will rise above the horizon humbly, having the sobriquet: Pearl of the Orient Sea.

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved. 




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