Technology dependence

There’s a truth in here. 🙂

CastleDale | Words Of Inspiration

Technology dependenceI am sure most of us have wondered at some point in our life as to how our parents and grandparents managed to get things done without technology. Just the other day, i was out on the road and felt like having a nice breakfast brunch. I used my phone to find a place, checked the reviews, got the directions and went there.

Getting directions to a place has been the most helpful thing i have used ever. I often wonder what people did before the evolution of GPS. Did everyone know where each place was or did they trust on manual maps? Whatever it was, people lived just fine. May be they had to work a little harder but it also made them more wiser.

I remember the days when I remembered most of the phone numbers, i did not need an address book. Now I barely know my…

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