The Navigating Shell: The Loggerhead Turtle

As a new-born, you have no idea what is the world all about – you still don’t know your name, your dreams and where you are. It’s just like that everything happens, in their time and in their place.

But there is actually a creature which can assess its global positioning just after its hatch. The Loggerhead turtles, these shell babies swims toward North Atlantic Gyre with Sargassusum. It is a kind of seaweeds where hatchling usually hides until they grow big enough to explore the world.

The said kind of turtle posses the ability to sense the magnetic fields of Earth and does allows them to know where they are. There are two components that a magnetic field has, the intensity and the inclination. Remarkably, this turtle could detect both. And these fields serve as map for them.

They may be slow but at least they know where to go, but how can actually do this, is a mystery.

(c) worldwildlife
(c) worldwildlife

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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