The Navigating Sound: The Bats

Known for being blind, these flying mammals could actually see with the use of sounds. Legend says that they were a vampire but they don’t care though, they just make calls and haunt for foods. Making a call for this night pals, is not about dialing numbers but rather creating a sound to navigate.

Sound Navigation And Ranging (Sonar), allows the bats to use the sound to know the location, size, speed and direction of their preys. This ability is called echolocation, working with the some special physical features and physiological adaptations. And with this bats could detect too any obstacles on their flight; a pine tree maybe.

There are ways that the night hunters could create sound, most is by contracting its voice box and few by clicking their tongues. These sound our called ‘call’, echolocation calls were ultra-sonic ranging frequency from 20 to 200 kiloherts (kHz). These calls are sorted by means of frequency, intensity and duration.

Some bats have a stylohyal bone that connects the larynx and to bones surrounding their eardrums. This ability of bats and dolphins too is believed to be a product of genetic mutation. Prestin gene is the center of this evolution, known as the protein found in the inner-ear hair cells. These hair cells vibrate faster and hoist higher frequency.

There are actually other mammals that could navigate using sound. Once these animals produce sound, the sound waves hit a scope of their surrounding, bouncing towards object and sometimes back to them. The distance can now be measured once it bounce back, calculating the time and speed. Mammals may have calculator too!

(c) newscientist
(c) newscientist

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12 thoughts on “The Navigating Sound: The Bats

  1. mummy bat told daddy bat to go and get some food for the young.
    two hours later he comes back with blood on his face.
    “where’s the food” mummy asked.
    “you see that tree over there”
    “well i didn’t”

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