The Navigating Light: The Bees

“I love you honey!” No, it’s not the romantic one, but the passion and craving for the sweetness of what the bees could produce – honey.  One of the famous insects with unique attributes such as teamwork, discipline and the famous waggle dance to communicate.

Unlike the known navigation skills of other animals, bees don’t rely that much to magnetic fields. They rather go with the flow. There is a pattern of clear motion of any object, surfaces as well as the edges enclosed in a visual picture as a result of relative motion of an observer, the bees, and the scene itself.

These patterns or changes of light structure in the picture would be the basis of these bubbly insects of distance, that is technically known as optic flow. Thus, the more scenery they passed through the farther they are from the source of their food. In an imaginative view, you will realize that you traveled far when you have seen wide fields, various row of flowers or random schemes of trees along your way.

When a bee found a target source of food, mostly pollen and nectar – the bee will then go back to its hive, leaving a trace of a scent of its hormone to guide its buddies. Knowing that bees are strongly bonded, cooperative and fellow-oriented; it won’t harvest pollen alone rather it goes back to notify the group and pick it up together. Sweet as honey!

In able to communicate, bees usually dance. Uh-oh! Not hip-hop, tango or KPOP. But as per their uniqueness, they do a waggle dance. As they dance, they could actually convey the distance and direction to their hivemates. Directing them and orienting how and what will be their trip to the food. No wonder that honey is sticky and sweet, ‘cause bees are.

Reference: John Whitfield, Tom Ryan

(c) NASA
(c) NASA

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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