Golf Buddy Voice + GPS Review

Golf is More Fun in the Philippines

golf-buddy voice +

The legalization of distance measuring devices by golf’s ruling bodies was instituted to speed up the game’s pace of play and spawned a slew of new devices to assist the golfer on the world’s fairways. These devices have distilled down into two categories, the laser rangefinder and the golf GPS (Global Positioning System). Although they provide similar functionality, the method by which they achieve the same could not be more different. The rangefinder uses a laser which shoots out from the device to determine the distance to whatever the laser hit. The GPS uses navigational satellites to tell you exactly where you are on the golf course.

Rangefinders, though more intuitive, are slightly more difficult to use as their accuracy is dependent on you hitting a small target (the flag) with a laser over a distance of a hundred yards or more. Not the easiest thing unless you have very…

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