Receiving Strange Signals

Ghosts — the face of the unseen world. Others see them hanging around, others can’t. Others could hear their cries and voices, others are just too deaf. Others care to communicate with them and others may have different interest. And others are just too mad to be with them, as they go hunting!

Bloody faces, white clothes, lifelike, and plenty to describe these ghosts. Believed to be the souls of the dead, appearing once they met death and continue to exist in a manifestation of another forms. That’s why there are those kind of people who dedicated their lives on acknowledging their presence.

And so, how these ghost hunters do the craft? Unlike vehicles which could equipped with GPS devices, ghosts are hard to track especially without its consent. It is very important to open up your intention to them just before you start with the investigation. Modern devices that could detect and receive ghost signals are now in use for more accurate and safe paranormal activity.

However, most of the psychics use camera and video recorder instead – and especially their senses. Remember, you – yourself are the receiving device. Your sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of touch, it’s all with you.

To see a ghost is either a gift or a curse, maybe on how it affects those who could actually do. Rotten faces, pale ones, lights, floating clothes, and just all that are considered strange. Maybe in a shock appearance that you see it on a sudden turn, or in a gradual matter that you could see it enter your room and walk.

Have you ever experience to hear someone is calling you? But you’re not sure if who, especially if you’re alone in your house. And that is something terrifying, maybe random voices, crying, laughing, footsteps, moans or screams. No matter how tight you cover your ears, the noise is still there.

How about smelling flowers, candles, electricity, formalin, or dried grass? Do those bother you? Perhaps yes – as considered as symbols of death. Creepier to feel a strange cold, to feel warmth on your neck and just a feeling that someone is staring you and you realize you’re not alone. Rare but there are cases too, that you suddenly taste blood. And if so, you’re in a darker side.

Summing up, you know that you receive signals intended or not from these entities! You know where they are from the vibration they emits that is detected by so called sixth sense. You can locate them by either seeing them, hearing them, or simply having that gut feeling.

Now that you know where they are, will you talk to them?

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.



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