Paint the Time


Everyone wants a full control over time, you may want to go back to past and change something and oversee the future to prepare for its coming. But if you are an employer, you will definitely rephrase the case. And so, every employer wants to fully control overtime. Makes sense.

Checking files of overtime claims might give you a head turn like the hands of clock, asking yourself what the heck is going on. Until you wear your eyeglasses, fix your tie and realize it’s time to do something to control the time within your world.

Just the same story for a paint delivery company. GPS is what he knows the best tool to control the time his personnel’s, overtime. Mr. John, not his real name, wanted to cut his cost for overtime. So he purchased and install GPS tracker for his delivery vehicles to monitor the traveling time.

One of his biggest concern are distant travels, such as provinces. He wants to monitor, if the drivers really travels on the actual estimated time. As tracking device could detect real-time location, engine status, automatic positioning. The most important data for monitoring the actual traveling and delivery. John has really a keen eye to those who kill time on road, those who do stop over for couple of hours maybe and claim it as an extra time of work.

Imagine how John and his company could lessen his expenses for false overtime claims by owning GPS tracking device. He might have extra time for fun too. You, what’s your GPS story?

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2014. All rights reserved.



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