How to prevent addiction of stalking?

Curiosity – that’s what drives people on stalking someone or something. They look for a clear answer for an uncertain question. But in the end what would be point of looking for a something that we know, could make things worse. Are we sabotaging ourselves, led by doubts, prove something or we just there assuming and thinking too much?

GPS device is one of the tools that we can use to stalk someone. By knowing their route and location, and time of travel. Reliable enough though, as it have speaker and spy camera to record conversation. Enough evidence for cheating or betrayal, but still who knows?

Why are we considering stalking as a method to know the truth? Like your boyfriend’s Facebook profile, you check it for a hundred times a day to know whether they are flirting someone. Checking their ex’s profile too! But in the end, you’ll just hurt yourself. So how to get rid of it?

Fill your mind with appropriate thoughts. Know what to think! Don’t think negative too much, it will surely poison you. This will steal your happiness and surely will leave you insane. Let things show up their selves to you. To see is to believe, my friend!

Just Ask. There is no one reliable than the one you have doubt with. Confrontation would be that rude, so have a simple and mild conversation instead. Joke about it, and observe his reaction, it might give you a big hint. Let him open to you by giving him assurance that everything will be okay, after he said something. Face the truth!

Trust. One of the hardest thing to do, it’s a risk. Yet don’t depend your happiness on whatever your goal is or even put yourself into sorrow. Ask yourself too, “Why you engage into something you are not sure of?”

Nothing is under full control. Winds, behavior, weather, emotions and feelings, we cannot fully control those things, so don’t bother. Perhaps the one that you could control now, is yourself. Your thoughts, your emotion and your actions. If you want change, change yourself. That’s how life goes, dear!

GPS is for security. Not for stalking! Use this device to watch them rather than suspecting them over something. Technology is for making things convenient not to destroy human’s nature, for compassion and love. You got it!

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Paint the Time


Everyone wants a full control over time, you may want to go back to past and change something and oversee the future to prepare for its coming. But if you are an employer, you will definitely rephrase the case. And so, every employer wants to fully control overtime. Makes sense.

Checking files of overtime claims might give you a head turn like the hands of clock, asking yourself what the heck is going on. Until you wear your eyeglasses, fix your tie and realize it’s time to do something to control the time within your world.

Just the same story for a paint delivery company. GPS is what he knows the best tool to control the time his personnel’s, overtime. Mr. John, not his real name, wanted to cut his cost for overtime. So he purchased and install GPS tracker for his delivery vehicles to monitor the traveling time.

One of his biggest concern are distant travels, such as provinces. He wants to monitor, if the drivers really travels on the actual estimated time. As tracking device could detect real-time location, engine status, automatic positioning. The most important data for monitoring the actual traveling and delivery. John has really a keen eye to those who kill time on road, those who do stop over for couple of hours maybe and claim it as an extra time of work.

Imagine how John and his company could lessen his expenses for false overtime claims by owning GPS tracking device. He might have extra time for fun too. You, what’s your GPS story?

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Are You Lost?

There are times you want to be lost but what you all want is to be found.

Lost in place, lost in time, lost of self – no one wants those feelings. Moments that you don’t know where you are, where to go and how to return home. The feeling of being detached to the world, no one is by your side, no one to talk with, living in total silence that your confused heart is the only thing you could hear.

Defined as, “unable to find one way; not knowing one’s whereabouts” or “unable to be found.” It’s the words but the feeling what’s hurt, to not know your way out or no one can found you, heart-breaking.

The anatomy of lost, to be lost in the physical world is the moment you can no longer identify the geography of one’s place. You suddenly land on unfamiliar places and landmark. Maybe in a wild forest or totally different setting, that may be caused by a mistaken take of directions or maybe, someone or something triggers you to be lost.

Without GPS, you can still acquire geo-information. The direction can be determined by trees, sun and wind. Sun is in fact rises from the east and sets on the west. The heavier side of the big trees usually points the Southern skies.  The wind usually blows from the southwest going to the northwest, feel the breeze then.

To be lost socially, is a state where someone cannot reorient his/her standing on a particular group; which is also known as Out of Place. Being OP may affect emotional and mental state of an insecure person. Insecurity will then lead to self-losing, as someone pushes hard to fit in the society. There is tendency that he forgets his identity and creates one that afar from his will, which usually leads to self-denial. Those people usually will not know what happiness is.

GPS may not detect emotional signals; it may view as virtual reality though. First, OP-people must know where they are. They must know their purpose in life, are they a singer, dancer, artist or any talent they have. Next step is to accept that it is you and where you belong.

Comparing yourself to others is fatal, and won’t benefit anyone, and judging others as well. Discovering your potential is the best weapon and device to know where you will go. The directions and speed will then rely on how you drive!

The ancient civilizations focus on the most significant factor of life – the spirit. And to be spiritually healthy is power. Some philosophers believe that our spirit, which inhabits our bodies, is connected to a source, a higher being or to God. And if you’re not, you’re definitely lost.

To restore the divine connection requires faith, and deeds shall be the face of it. Just a fact, that is a religion called Scientology that believes our souls are immortal. So we must search for our forgotten self. It is said that we lost our memories and nature.

Other beliefs teach us that we are angels before and as birth here in Earth, we forget who we are. We need to then search for our purpose to justify our existence. And as we commit sins we draw distance from the Source, farther and farther. Like a GPS device, we need to turn on our system to receive the sacred signals and guide us on our right and true destination.

Pain, melancholy and tragedy often give us the feeling and impression of being lost, without knowing that if we could only open ourselves to healing and good possibilities – we can be found.

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