Receiving Strange Signals

Ghosts — the face of the unseen world. Others see them hanging around, others can’t. Others could hear their cries and voices, others are just too deaf. Others care to communicate with them and others may have different interest. And others are just too mad to be with them, as they go hunting!

Bloody faces, white clothes, lifelike, and plenty to describe these ghosts. Believed to be the souls of the dead, appearing once they met death and continue to exist in a manifestation of another forms. That’s why there are those kind of people who dedicated their lives on acknowledging their presence.

And so, how these ghost hunters do the craft? Unlike vehicles which could equipped with GPS devices, ghosts are hard to track especially without its consent. It is very important to open up your intention to them just before you start with the investigation. Modern devices that could detect and receive ghost signals are now in use for more accurate and safe paranormal activity.

However, most of the psychics use camera and video recorder instead – and especially their senses. Remember, you – yourself are the receiving device. Your sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of touch, it’s all with you.

To see a ghost is either a gift or a curse, maybe on how it affects those who could actually do. Rotten faces, pale ones, lights, floating clothes, and just all that are considered strange. Maybe in a shock appearance that you see it on a sudden turn, or in a gradual matter that you could see it enter your room and walk.

Have you ever experience to hear someone is calling you? But you’re not sure if who, especially if you’re alone in your house. And that is something terrifying, maybe random voices, crying, laughing, footsteps, moans or screams. No matter how tight you cover your ears, the noise is still there.

How about smelling flowers, candles, electricity, formalin, or dried grass? Do those bother you? Perhaps yes – as considered as symbols of death. Creepier to feel a strange cold, to feel warmth on your neck and just a feeling that someone is staring you and you realize you’re not alone. Rare but there are cases too, that you suddenly taste blood. And if so, you’re in a darker side.

Summing up, you know that you receive signals intended or not from these entities! You know where they are from the vibration they emits that is detected by so called sixth sense. You can locate them by either seeing them, hearing them, or simply having that gut feeling.

Now that you know where they are, will you talk to them?

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Are You Lost?

There are times you want to be lost but what you all want is to be found.

Lost in place, lost in time, lost of self – no one wants those feelings. Moments that you don’t know where you are, where to go and how to return home. The feeling of being detached to the world, no one is by your side, no one to talk with, living in total silence that your confused heart is the only thing you could hear.

Defined as, “unable to find one way; not knowing one’s whereabouts” or “unable to be found.” It’s the words but the feeling what’s hurt, to not know your way out or no one can found you, heart-breaking.

The anatomy of lost, to be lost in the physical world is the moment you can no longer identify the geography of one’s place. You suddenly land on unfamiliar places and landmark. Maybe in a wild forest or totally different setting, that may be caused by a mistaken take of directions or maybe, someone or something triggers you to be lost.

Without GPS, you can still acquire geo-information. The direction can be determined by trees, sun and wind. Sun is in fact rises from the east and sets on the west. The heavier side of the big trees usually points the Southern skies.  The wind usually blows from the southwest going to the northwest, feel the breeze then.

To be lost socially, is a state where someone cannot reorient his/her standing on a particular group; which is also known as Out of Place. Being OP may affect emotional and mental state of an insecure person. Insecurity will then lead to self-losing, as someone pushes hard to fit in the society. There is tendency that he forgets his identity and creates one that afar from his will, which usually leads to self-denial. Those people usually will not know what happiness is.

GPS may not detect emotional signals; it may view as virtual reality though. First, OP-people must know where they are. They must know their purpose in life, are they a singer, dancer, artist or any talent they have. Next step is to accept that it is you and where you belong.

Comparing yourself to others is fatal, and won’t benefit anyone, and judging others as well. Discovering your potential is the best weapon and device to know where you will go. The directions and speed will then rely on how you drive!

The ancient civilizations focus on the most significant factor of life – the spirit. And to be spiritually healthy is power. Some philosophers believe that our spirit, which inhabits our bodies, is connected to a source, a higher being or to God. And if you’re not, you’re definitely lost.

To restore the divine connection requires faith, and deeds shall be the face of it. Just a fact, that is a religion called Scientology that believes our souls are immortal. So we must search for our forgotten self. It is said that we lost our memories and nature.

Other beliefs teach us that we are angels before and as birth here in Earth, we forget who we are. We need to then search for our purpose to justify our existence. And as we commit sins we draw distance from the Source, farther and farther. Like a GPS device, we need to turn on our system to receive the sacred signals and guide us on our right and true destination.

Pain, melancholy and tragedy often give us the feeling and impression of being lost, without knowing that if we could only open ourselves to healing and good possibilities – we can be found.

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“Tree of Wisdom”, ask for directions and it answers

You hear it on ancient myths – the tree of wisdom or so tree of knowledge, known for connecting heaven and the underworld. One of the two sacred trees in the Garden of Eden, described in the Book of Genesis. The forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil, which had been the instrument to the Fall of Man.

It is self-explanatory; you can define it with your own perspective and knowledge. And now, do you think its still exist? If you play the hit game Plants vs. Zombies, then you knew that it is really helpful. Giving you hints and trick of the said game but that was only in video games. How about in reality? At some point maybe, no – actually you can ask all the trees and expect that they answer you. Of one of the most important question: “Where to go?”

Trees don’t just give you shelter, produce paper for you and so much more. Those also help you navigate in the wild forest, their branches and shape could tell you the story. Just in fact that the trees are never symmetrical and are heavier on one side.

Two methods are known to decode their navigating secrets. One is, how the sun influenced the way they grew and how the wind shaped them. But you cannot get right directions only by a single tree because of competition for the sunlight. You need to find at least the biggest and baldest knowing that they grew first.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Sun spend time a lot in the southern sky – so this will be the basis of such natural navigation. The branches that usually appear heavier are those pointing at the southern sky. Because of the enough sunlight that these branches get, they look healthier for that weight it projects and usually grows horizontally. And those which seem pointing upwards are those pointing at northern side, searching for the sun.

Looking at the top branches of trees could help you too; by giving you idea on how they are combed by the wind. The wind usually blows from the southwest going to the northeast. Thus, the exposed trees often show a bend towards northeast and so, the opposite side is the southwest. Works in towns too.

Moss on trees could also tell you where’s the southern skies is. Very simple, the moss at the bottom of tree which appears dry and thinner is facing the southern. Because of the exposure to the heat of the sun, giving you a hint that the shaded are on which healthier moss is, will be probably the northern direction.

The hillside, answers for you too. Just a few words for it, the more trees that it grows are the southern skies because of the abundance of sunlight; while the lesser trees are the northern side. Direct and simple.

See, trees could actually give you knowledge that you need in the wild. Thanks them too for providing you fruits, shade and peace while you’re in the wild!

Source: Natural Navigator, Dans Depot

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The Navigating Light: The Bees

“I love you honey!” No, it’s not the romantic one, but the passion and craving for the sweetness of what the bees could produce – honey.  One of the famous insects with unique attributes such as teamwork, discipline and the famous waggle dance to communicate.

Unlike the known navigation skills of other animals, bees don’t rely that much to magnetic fields. They rather go with the flow. There is a pattern of clear motion of any object, surfaces as well as the edges enclosed in a visual picture as a result of relative motion of an observer, the bees, and the scene itself.

These patterns or changes of light structure in the picture would be the basis of these bubbly insects of distance, that is technically known as optic flow. Thus, the more scenery they passed through the farther they are from the source of their food. In an imaginative view, you will realize that you traveled far when you have seen wide fields, various row of flowers or random schemes of trees along your way.

When a bee found a target source of food, mostly pollen and nectar – the bee will then go back to its hive, leaving a trace of a scent of its hormone to guide its buddies. Knowing that bees are strongly bonded, cooperative and fellow-oriented; it won’t harvest pollen alone rather it goes back to notify the group and pick it up together. Sweet as honey!

In able to communicate, bees usually dance. Uh-oh! Not hip-hop, tango or KPOP. But as per their uniqueness, they do a waggle dance. As they dance, they could actually convey the distance and direction to their hivemates. Directing them and orienting how and what will be their trip to the food. No wonder that honey is sticky and sweet, ‘cause bees are.

Reference: John Whitfield, Tom Ryan

(c) NASA
(c) NASA

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The Navigating Sound: The Bats

Known for being blind, these flying mammals could actually see with the use of sounds. Legend says that they were a vampire but they don’t care though, they just make calls and haunt for foods. Making a call for this night pals, is not about dialing numbers but rather creating a sound to navigate.

Sound Navigation And Ranging (Sonar), allows the bats to use the sound to know the location, size, speed and direction of their preys. This ability is called echolocation, working with the some special physical features and physiological adaptations. And with this bats could detect too any obstacles on their flight; a pine tree maybe.

There are ways that the night hunters could create sound, most is by contracting its voice box and few by clicking their tongues. These sound our called ‘call’, echolocation calls were ultra-sonic ranging frequency from 20 to 200 kiloherts (kHz). These calls are sorted by means of frequency, intensity and duration.

Some bats have a stylohyal bone that connects the larynx and to bones surrounding their eardrums. This ability of bats and dolphins too is believed to be a product of genetic mutation. Prestin gene is the center of this evolution, known as the protein found in the inner-ear hair cells. These hair cells vibrate faster and hoist higher frequency.

There are actually other mammals that could navigate using sound. Once these animals produce sound, the sound waves hit a scope of their surrounding, bouncing towards object and sometimes back to them. The distance can now be measured once it bounce back, calculating the time and speed. Mammals may have calculator too!

(c) newscientist
(c) newscientist

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The Navigating Shell: The Loggerhead Turtle

As a new-born, you have no idea what is the world all about – you still don’t know your name, your dreams and where you are. It’s just like that everything happens, in their time and in their place.

But there is actually a creature which can assess its global positioning just after its hatch. The Loggerhead turtles, these shell babies swims toward North Atlantic Gyre with Sargassusum. It is a kind of seaweeds where hatchling usually hides until they grow big enough to explore the world.

The said kind of turtle posses the ability to sense the magnetic fields of Earth and does allows them to know where they are. There are two components that a magnetic field has, the intensity and the inclination. Remarkably, this turtle could detect both. And these fields serve as map for them.

They may be slow but at least they know where to go, but how can actually do this, is a mystery.

(c) worldwildlife
(c) worldwildlife

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