Distance over distance, I travel through time
Way back to my childhood and all were fine
Every decision I think of may not affect me
But to realize I am just free
I will then need to grow up
Where playing games would stop
Hanging in the air, taking up responsibility
Point of no return, it’s my destiny
Why I’m holding this gun?
Knowing it won’t give me any fun
Why am I running?
Why should I take something without giving away anything?
Small diamonds to large and luxurious car
Run too near and run too far
GPS device alarms, drives along the dim road
Escaping this capture scene through fog
But why this happens?
I am a child just eating an ice cream
This got to be the life I have now
The rebellion I’ve done, so much for a narrow mind
Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.

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