How Fast Do You Grow?

Life is too short; the overused phrase when we talked about living. And you just can’t help to worry every year on you birthday. Some are excited to celebrate that special day, some are too afraid to once again face a new chapter of their life.

Who could then know the speed of living? Can it just measured by years? Is it too fast for an unfortunate who met the death too early or too slow to feel the sufferings at a long time? Tell me then, do you understand everything, and learn all the things at once?

Can GPS determine the speed of your journey? Of where you go when you ran away of your problems and step forwards to your dreams, can it locate? If so, how fast do you grow? How soon could you know that he’s the one you’re going to marry? Let me know, how fast will your hair to grow to make a curl?

How long would be the night? Is it enough to dream a thousand scenes, or could I watch 10 beautiful movies? I’ll ask you then, how fast the wind does blows? Is it enough to blow a million paper mills all over the world? How long could you tell me that we’re a friend?

How fast do we grow? If something could really measure the speed of our lives, maybe we can have a race of growing up. Winner will be then the one who could know what life is first, or have wrinkles first. No, the speed of growing will be the age of your heart loving, the more you love, the more you grow.

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.

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