In Time

In time there is one thing that would change everything

Everything has a defining moment to veil one’s purpose

Yet only the destiny itself could fulfill the story

Pre-destiny, that is what all is talking about

Conclusion of future and taking control of the present

Who will have the benefit after all and what will be the gain?

How deep is your understanding of time?

Is it just what the clock tells you?

How it affects your life and being?

Science and philosophy have different definition

But at one point they meet; time is gold

Yes, it’s a popular phrase but in what degree?

Knowing the structure of time is an advanced knowledge

But to make pleasure from it is pure wisdom

There’s got to be a mystery on its beginning and existence,

But unending was its last name

A lifetime may be not enough to discover what’s beyond this four-letter word

Time must be the one which keeps everything from happening

Including what happened and what will happen next

Believed to be a fundamental structure of the universe

And one of the seven fundamental physical quantities, and so it is

In time, there will be always a time

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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