Securing One’s Heart

I feel so much pain now. Yes, I have my heart bleeding. I know I shouldn’t feel this stupid heartache after all, but it hurts. I know that I’m a guy with insensitivity but tell me what’s your up to and I will feel you. But it’s all… argh!

Well, it’s my lost; she’s the one who leave! But does it really? Did she leave because she has another man? Or maybe he can’t handle me? Because I’m this too awesome? Whoa, I have to believe! But it is?

I feel a wound inside; she doesn’t leave me, right? She just felt that I don’t love her. I have to say that in a low tone. I’m ashamed and I feel so irresponsible. Yea, that’s what I am. I’m sorry.

I want to ask for a second chance, but I’m too afraid to know her answer. I want to have her heart, her loving heart. I’m just being me but I should never treat her like that, she is everything. How can I put security within our relationship? With her heart? How could I ever hear once again that she loves me? And so I offer this poem to her…

How to secure one’s heart?

Is it just simply playing your part?

Is it doing efforts and paying attention?

Or simply being sincere with your intention

What’s the best way to a woman’s heart?

Do I need a GPS or a map?

I want to claim ownership over you

But on how to secure your heart, I don’t have a clue.

Please touch me once again

And don’t tell me that I’m just a friend

Or a stranger to you

But now I just knew

That securing one’s heart, is loving her so true

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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