She Tracked Away (Finale)

I clearly hear that sound, a festive noise; or a gathering maybe. In a prominent event center in town, a luxurious garden. At its parking lot is a white car; it would be a mistake if I say it’s not it. I know indeed, it’s the car I’m looking for. Questions in my mind, “Why is she here? — What’s happening there? And can she able to answer those?” I’m in a limbo.

How long would I stand here? Why can’t I initiate this one? I need to see her. Talk to her and ask her to marry me. Not a good timing. I don’t think that the GPS had mistaken, I believe it’s the car, it is her car. That car with so much of our memories, the times when we laughed together, tease each other and eat our favorite chocolate sundae. Too many to remember and nothing I can ever forget.  It’s love.

We quarrel a lot too. She shouts at me, slaps me and walks away from me. But we can able to go through with it. We have so much love greater than hatred. I know I’ve been so insensitive in complying with her insecurities. I ignore her sometimes, I admit it. I guess there will be always a time that you feel wasted and feel of falling-out-of-love. But she’s always there; I know that it is so painful for her to struggle alone for our relationship. No, I didn’t leave her, I just feel uncertain with my feelings. I don’t want to see her hurting but on the other I don’t want to pretend that I like her before and now, I’m sure I love her.

That slim body she has and the face of a doll. She’s beautiful. She’s sweet but jealous, so much. She walks like a ramp model but too shy. Yes, I can see every inch of her, I know everything about her. Is it an imagination of her image I see??? It looks so real! Oh, yes. It’s her live, in a silver dress. She looks as gorgeous as she went up on stage. There is a crowd, in formal attire. Seriously, what the heck is happening?

I walk few steps to see a full view of the stage behind the rails of the gate, and my world stops. Tears fall. It’s her ex-boyfriend holding her hand; I want to kill him now! And there, he wears a diamond ring to my princess. You impostor! I’m her lover! But those words can’t come out from my mouth. Suddenly, I became mute or the world did stop? I—I’m so broken.

Is it really this painful, to lost someone that once loved you so much and you just didn’t give importance with it? Breath-taking, heart-taking and life-taking. It seems that I’ve been broken into pieces. How I wish to be him, but I think it’s my fault for not fighting for you; for not giving you time when you needed it most. Am I that so stupid for allowing you to track away? Yes, she tracked away.

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.

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