She Tracked Away (Part 2)

My heart beats fast. Yeah, I have mixed emotions. I don’t know what will happen after I propose to her. Yes, her. The girl I want to be with forever. It’s been six years when we made our relationship. We lasted this long, it’s funny – she is not my type, but it is a perfect combination after all. I remember those days when she always argues with me because of one thing; I love to travel.

She gets jealous when I drive somewhere than to be with her until she get used to it. But to make her feel secure and trust me as well, I put GPS on my car and all my trips were updated to her. No question, no doubts. She knows where I am and where I am going, because of its real-time monitoring. She just calls to ask what I will do with a certain place.

Look, I’m smiling again alone. It’s really only her, could make me this way. Insane but I feel so complete. Few streets away and I’ll reach her, too much excitement I feel for tonight. Can’t help to see and touch her again. Her face is so sweet; I know that the moment I stare at her, I see an angel.

I park my car in front of a green gate. It’s their house, no; her house. She moved away from her family, she’s so independent. But she seldom talks about her life, or her family. She’s self-centered but giving. Every time we quarrel I hug her tight because I don’t want her to feel alone. And simply I love her.

Can’t wait to see her smile as I give these tulips, but is she there? Her house seems so quiet, her dogs either. They don’t bark, they’re just lying in stairs of the main door. I don’t know if they are sleepy or sick. But my feeling is unusual. I had a feeling, a strong feeling she’s not here. I entered.
Only the door I could hear as I open the door, my footsteps too. I went upstairs, to her room. The windows are open and only the curtains were moving.  My feeling is right. She’s not here. But where she could go? Where? My heart is asking. I feel so despair.

There in her studying table is a device, a GPS receiver. Yes, we bought a pair for each other. I’ll locate her. I do. It has the 2D/3D positioning so I could know exactly where she is, even her movement I guess. The white car I bought for her. The device is on. After few moments, I have the map now. And I can’t believe it. Why she’s there?

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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