Wrong Turn for The Right Way

The skies were grey, the wind is cold

Will I go for it or just give it a hold?

I am not a master of everything

But a dreamer of one big thing

I drive for a reason, I want to

I venture for no reason, just will go through

This GPS might direct how to go in a place

But the heart of mine will draw the phase

Tracking my way to strive for a dream

In a moment of sunshine or at time of dim

I know there is no easy way to have what you want

Either a hard way to make it a grant

The obstacles may come but I’m prepared

Storm and flood may block me, but try to be dared

I know where to go and wait for me

May not have the control, but here watch me

I always have the fear, what if I failed?

What if I made a mistake and the rainbow fade?

How will I start all over again?

Will I be always a loser of this game?

And there, I’m here at the wrong way

Why something broke my day?

I’m always that consistent in working hard

But why this is the only thing I had?

I have that dream, I want it

Want it to happen and so I believe

But what’s wrong, why I’m still here?

And I can’t even give myself a cheer

A wrong turn to go along without direction

Where is the right way for satisfaction?

I – I have a dream, but what is it?

Where to go? Oh, stranded

I know I have a big dream

But can’t make even little steps to claim

Horrible, unsure of things

I’m lost as it seems

Wrong turn to fight without weapons

Wrong turn to go somewhere for no reason

What’s my purpose after all?

Will wait for a call

The right track as they say

Will matter if you know how to play

There’s no such thing as you want to be

But only where you must be

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.

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