Anti-Theft: A Big NO for Stealing

Theft-related crimes are on the headline. Car-napping there in north, robbery at the east, snatching at the west and all may happen there in the far—far away south. But there is stealing everywhere. No more loud cries perhaps if security either within ourselves or by using a special device with anti-theft features. Maybe we cannot stop the crime of stealing but could prevent someone to steal.

Psychology of Stealing

Stealing may be or considered as nature of species including humans in order to survive and give justice to their existence. You cannot blame your kitty in stealing your food; it’s the hunger who dictated the act.  Ownership is power and a mark of authority, and those who they think have nothing steal as often as they could. Greediness is a much word. There is a hard push behind stealing; taking possession of things is a piece of ego programmed by traditions and result of social constructed reality. Or simply the feel of needing or wanting something, “if you cannot have it, steal it!” way of thinking.

The Act

Opportunity to do stealing is a big factor for thieves. Left unlocked houses, cars or items widen their eyes and would definitely take the risk. Attractive and prestigious models of cars, shining jewelry and cool and hot gadgets! The problem now is there are so much tricks and methods that these thefts could simply do. Steal and run! Or simply steal and act like nothing happened. Have you heard those modus over news? You may somewhat be amazed and feel sad that stealing gets worse and worst, fierce and fiercer, at more danger and have the will to kill.


Security is a word that cannot be ignored. Technology have the say, these devices with tracking features would be the most effective weapon to fight stealing. Locate your stolen car! With the help of Anti-Theft feature that your device has. This application offers you GPS wherein you can know the exact location of your belongings in real-time, 2D/3D positioning, good navigation and 24/7 monitoring.

Significance of the Application

Protect your properties, your life and loved ones. Do your part and Anti-Theft apps will then do its job. Have your best security against the thefts. You will no longer wonder where your stolen valuables have been after being stolen. This system will require you to access it with the complex code, passwords or special identification. Once stolen or lost you can shut it off so it can no longer be used and so you could easily track it.

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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