GPS in Case of Emergency

The ward — a place of life and death, hearing prayers and cries for survival.  A place of joy for birth and a sorrowful place for death.  The white walls are the witness of those dramatic scenes and sufferings of innocent lives. Now, does it worth to stay in a ward? Or you will do anything just to run away?

Maybe for some, who can’t stay any longer, do break out. Longing for “freedom” to once again live a “normal” life, to eat three or four times a day, to watch their favorite TV series and to chat with their loved ones and friends. Though you feel being cared of, by nurses and doctors and treated as well you will still feel comfortable staying in home because you know it’s your one and only nursery.

GPS technology is one of the best prescribed remedy for patient while they re in a hospital. When an ambulance arrives, nurses are into rush, putting them into stretcher and a GPS device too. With the system a doctor can locate the exact room, exact floor in real-time and immediately proceed where the patient is, without any further notifications from any medical staffs, just the technology.

During the stay of the patients, it is still vital to use such tracking system and so medical staffs could track the patient who tries to escape and unconsciously gone somewhere and return them into their respective rooms. Works on crash carts, medicine and equipments too, so they could know where to get it when in need.

Imagine a fast and smooth phase in a building of hope and despair, faith and redemption, caring and letting go. When the ambulance once again arrives, put a GPS device and run to the ER. Global positioning system will then alarm the man in white and with those magical and gracious hands, one life has been saved.

Remora GPS Tracker. Copyright (c) 2013. All rights reserved.


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