How to prevent addiction of stalking?

Curiosity – that’s what drives people on stalking someone or something. They look for a clear answer for an uncertain question. But in the end what would be point of looking for a something that we know, could make things worse. Are we sabotaging ourselves, led by doubts, prove something or we just there assuming and thinking too much?

GPS device is one of the tools that we can use to stalk someone. By knowing their route and location, and time of travel. Reliable enough though, as it have speaker and spy camera to record conversation. Enough evidence for cheating or betrayal, but still who knows?

Why are we considering stalking as a method to know the truth? Like your boyfriend’s Facebook profile, you check it for a hundred times a day to know whether they are flirting someone. Checking their ex’s profile too! But in the end, you’ll just hurt yourself. So how to get rid of it?

Fill your mind with appropriate thoughts. Know what to think! Don’t think negative too much, it will surely poison you. This will steal your happiness and surely will leave you insane. Let things show up their selves to you. To see is to believe, my friend!

Just Ask. There is no one reliable than the one you have doubt with. Confrontation would be that rude, so have a simple and mild conversation instead. Joke about it, and observe his reaction, it might give you a big hint. Let him open to you by giving him assurance that everything will be okay, after he said something. Face the truth!

Trust. One of the hardest thing to do, it’s a risk. Yet don’t depend your happiness on whatever your goal is or even put yourself into sorrow. Ask yourself too, “Why you engage into something you are not sure of?”

Nothing is under full control. Winds, behavior, weather, emotions and feelings, we cannot fully control those things, so don’t bother. Perhaps the one that you could control now, is yourself. Your thoughts, your emotion and your actions. If you want change, change yourself. That’s how life goes, dear!

GPS is for security. Not for stalking! Use this device to watch them rather than suspecting them over something. Technology is for making things convenient not to destroy human’s nature, for compassion and love. You got it!

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