Tracking the GPS

You may know where you are but you have no idea of your exact location. How funny that you know you’re friends’ house but not their address. Browsing a simple device — either your Smartphone will then feed your curiosity of your exact location on Earth! Including latitude, longitude and your elevation. And, we’re talking about GPS.

The Global Positioning System a.k.a GPS is a satellite-based navigation system consisting of 24 satellites, orbiting the Earth twice every 24 hours. As a matter of fact, these satellites can work in any weather conditions, anywhere, everywhere and elsewhere here in planet. Signals that have been transmitted from three or more satellites will be read by a GPS receiver, this device will then calculate its exact location on ground way up high to the satellite.

FYI, with the use of four or can be more satellites; the receiver can project 3D positions of the location and could detect the speed and direction of your travel. All, as you use GPS integrated devices. In addition, these satellites travel from here a distance of 19,000 and with a speed of 11,000 kilometers per hour.

Anyone who has the GPS receiver could access the system as it provides real-time, 3D positioning, navigation and working 24/7 all over the globe. GPS is used for applications, namely GIS data collection, surveying and 2D/3D mapping.

Incredibly, even your dearest Smartphones and compatible devices can be used for GPS, to check live traffic updates and more! Have the guts to claim that we have the best GPS today and looking forward for amusing innovations near in future. You, where are you now?

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